Property Feed Url Structure

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The plugin imports properties into wordpress as a custom post type which means that you can quickly see all properties via the post type archive and single pages.  We have used the slug ‘property’ so you the links are;

  • /property/ – archive page showing the full list of properties
  • /property/{a-specific-property}/ – shows a single property.  The {a-specific-property} part will be a specific auto-generated url for each particular property.

On top of the standard /property/ archive there are specific archives for property areas, property types and branches as follows;

  • /property_area/{property area}/ – where {property area} is one of to-rent, to-buy, commercial or developments
  • /property_type/{property type}/ – where {property type} is any valid property type – e.g. house, flat, bungalow, etc
  • /branch/{branch}/ – where {branch} is the branch slug.