All Themes

We have designed the plugin to use standard wordpress styles and as such it should work seamlessly with most wordpress themes, so colours and font styles should cascade down through our plugin.   Occasionally themes will use their own bespoke styling system in which case we allow you to override our plugins styles with your own.

In general the plugin is intended to work with general themes that do not already have property features already included as our plugin will provide all the property display and search functionality you require.  However, we are now starting to build connectors that will join our plugin to popular property themes so that your back-office properties will automatically appear in the property theme.

Supported Property Themes

In order to provide the connection between our plugin and a property feed you need to download and install a plugin addon (in the form of another plugin).  You must have the WP Property Feed plugin installed and enabled and also the property theme installed and enabled in order for the connector to work.  Once the connector is installed and activated you can just use all the features of the property theme as normal.  All our connectors are provided free via the plugin repository.

If you have a great theme and want us to build a connector for that too, just drop us an email and we will do our best to accommodate.