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Jupix and Vebra Property File Shortcodes

Originally Jupix alone had a Property File option but it now also applies to Vebra API properties.  Property file is an add on product that allows Valuation and Viewing widgets to be added you your site that will directly book these in your backend system checking for availability and giving your customers options on when to book these in.  You will need a subdomain and API key for property file and these are added under the Jupix tab in the WP Property Feed Settings in your WordPress Admin panel.  The default property template will launch the viewing widget when a visitor clicks the Request a Viewing link on the property detail page but you may want to add the widgets elsewhere so we have created two shortcodes to allow you to add them in.

[wppf_propertyfile_valuation class=’btn btn-success’ text=’Value Me’] [wppf_propertyfile_viewing class=’btn btn-success’ text=’Arrange a Viewing’ propertyid=”]

These shortcodes will output a link which is properly formatted to launch the required widget.  The valuation widget can be placed anywhere on your site as it does not depend on a specific property being viewed but obviously the viewing widget may only be used on the property page.

The shortcodes have two options  – class is used to pass through any addition styling css classes that you want added to the link and the text is the text that will be displayed in the link.  The viewing shortcode also has an additional option to pass through a specific propertyid which can be ommitted if the shortcode is used on a property details page (it is picked up automatically)

Jupix – Redirecting Match Emails to a Custom Link Structure

One of the features of Jupix is to have emails sent to clients with links to properties that match their search requirements.  By default the email will link to which or cause will not exist on your WordPress site.  However our “out of the box” templates include code to capture the profileID sent in this link and redirect to the correct property on your site.  The code is placed in the property archive page which is normally the /property/ page (unless you have overridden the default property slug), so asking Jupix to change the email link to will allow your email links to work.