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I've setup a custom form and all other fields are working fine when passing the correct information. I've seen in the documentation that wppf_min_area accepts both a select or number value but when passing it either it doesn't filter my properties as it expected. I've tried multiple values and all sorts of ways and run out of ideas as to why it isn't currently working. Does someone have the answer? Thanks.
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Asked on 1st March 2023 2:37 pm

Hi Charlie, thanks for pointing out this problem. The issue is in our documentation which I have now updated as there are now four options for property area search wppf_min_propertyarea_sqft (number value) wppf_max_propertyarea_sqft (number value) wppf_min_propertyarea_sqm (number value) wppf_max_propertyarea_sqm (number value) as the old wppf_max_are and wppf_min_area were removed because of the ambiguity around the units.

Posted by Ian
Answered On 1st March 2023 3:41 pm

Awesome thanks for the update.

Posted by Charlie Burrows
Answered On 2nd March 2023 10:29 am