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We are now working on an SEO of our website. We have come across an issue that we are not able to solve without your support. When it comes to SEO we are looking at optimising each listing on our website. This means that we need to take control of the Titles, Descriptions and other elements but Heading and Descriptions are the main elements that we want to concentrate on. We are aware that there are custom fields that are created just for the WP Residence: When using Yoast SEO we can use certain custom fields to generate titles but none of the custom fields are available to be used. Not only that, the data that we want is not in these custom fields anyhow. The data that we are looking for is sent in XML Feed. We are looking to build a title which looks like that: No. Properties + Type of a House + “For Sale” , “To Rent” + Street Name + City. This title needs to also go into Meta Title and Meta Description along with inserting this text into the Description of the property. We need to be able to use these values in the Yoast back end/add these values to Meta Title and Descriptions also. However, we can go around this problem if we were to update the title of the post with these values: There is a WPResidence Connector I believe that grabs data from the Feed and then it connects the feed to the theme and displays the data. I have manipulated the .php file so I can change the title of the post but I need to be able to do this without much of a code modification. Could you advise, on how we can control what titles and descriptions are created after grabbing the feed? Adam Benjamin Website Services Manager
Posted by Adam Benjamin
Asked on 29th November 2023 5:25 pm

Hi Stefan, Our plugin has a WordPress hook that is fired everytime the update schedule runs on a property by property basis, so you could use that to alter the title, description and summary of the properties so it will work with your SEO. You would need to create a code snippet and insert that into your site (my favourite mechanism for that is to you the code snippets plugin). The hook is wppf_reside_update_property and it takes 2 variables, the $postid of the current property and the $property (feed source data). The snippet would look something like add_action(’wppf_reside_update_property’,’my_seo_stuff’,10,2); function my_seo_stuff($postid, $property) { //code in here to do what you want with titles descriptions and meta tags } I hope this helps

Posted by Adam Benjamin
Answered On 22nd January 2024 12:13 pm