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There are a multitude of property management platforms on the market and we often get asked if the WP Property Feed plugin supports them.
Posted by Ben
Asked on 17th November 2022 11:01 am

WP Property Feed supports the following property management platforms:
– Alto, VebraLive, CFPwinMan and Encorelive (Vebra API v11)
– Jupix
– Expert Agent
– DezrezOne, Rezi
– AgentOS / LetMC (API v3)
– SME Professional
– Rightmove’s BLM format including AgentPro, Lifecyle, Reapit, etc
– Rightmoves Real Time Data Feed (RTDF) format
– Domus
– Agent Hub
– Street
– VaultEA
– 10Ninety
– Gnomen
– Apex27
– VirtualNeg
– Loop
– Rex

Posted by Ian
Answered On 17th November 2022 11:11 am