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Some of the properties do not display home images. That is due to feed not downloading images from Jupix. Current problem: All images are present in Jupix. Images do not show in front end Images do not show in the back end of property listings - show as empty images. Images files exist but are blank images with 0 bytes. Tried the following: Removed all listings and re-synced. Re-synced with listings active. Purged cache, purged listings. Nothing helps. What to do?
Posted by Adam Benjamin
Asked on 23rd January 2024 12:24 am

It looks like you are using WP Residence in which case I would recommend that you go into your wp-admin and click through to the WP Residence properties and delete them all, then remove them from the delete items to completely remove them from the site. Then in WP Property Feed settings in the WP Residence tab run a force refresh on the properties which will then reload them from WP Property Feed. With all our connectors you effectively have two sets of property data – the (hidden) WP Property feed properties which are then mapped through to the WP Residence properties in the format the theme requires. It looks like these have got out of synch so clearing them from WP Residence and reloading them should sort it. FYI if you go to Properties in wp-admin and change the type in the url to wppf_properties you can then see the hidden list of WP Property Feed properties.

Posted by Ian
Answered On 29th January 2024 10:33 am