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We are currently seeking assistance from the Rightmove support center regarding our property listing feed. Below is the support response from Rightmove (see screenshot: https://prnt.sc/qLuwNIGwWVP0). Additionally, here is the response from the WP Property Feed support team: "Are you trying to pull properties directly from Rightmove? If so, you may have misunderstood. Our plugin accepts inbound feeds in the RTDF format and provides endpoints for data submission, but it cannot pull properties directly from Rightmove, as they do not provide such feeds. Many estate agency CRM systems use the BLM and RTDF data formats for their feeds since Rightmove publishes their data standard, so it makes sense not to reinvent the wheel. Hence, we support this data format but do not pull from Rightmove because it is impossible." Our requirement is to display Rightmove properties on a WordPress site using the WP Property Feed plugin. We are currently unsure if this plugin meets our needs. We are using the WP Property Feed plugin to retrieve RTDF (Rightmove Realtime Datafeed) properties, but we are not able to get any properties. The plugin always shows 0 properties listed. We have input the data in this format: 238523 as per the placeholder BranchID: Branch Name (1 per line). However, we receive the message: "There are currently 0 Burscough properties listed." Please see the attached screenshot: https://prnt.sc/VQJV0dpVpbYn Could you please suggest whether the WP Property Feed plugin is suitable for our requirements?
Posted by Alex
Asked on 3rd June 2024 12:49 pm

Our plugin simply won’t do what you are after.

Posted by Ian
Answered On 3rd June 2024 2:08 pm