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The street crm integration is not syncing up the data in a very user friendly way. It seems that Street CRM splits out the property type into two fields, Property Type (eg Detached House, Semi-Detached House, Land) and then the sub types are in Property Style (eg Bungalow, Town House, None, End Of Terrace). This means that there are only four vague categories shown on the site, and there is no way to drill down into the Bungalows for example. Listing the house simply as "detached house" is not correct, and the developers are complaining because its a bungalow, and its confusing. How can we resolve this?
Posted by Ben Sykes
Asked on 20th September 2023 4:51 pm

You should be seeing the property type as a concatenation of both the Property Type and Property Style (with a hyphen between). Almost all other feed types only have the option for one Property Type hence our system is built in a way to only store one property type hence the reason we join together the Property Type and Style in the Street CRM. If you can send me examples of the problem (maybe best to email for this). I can dig deeper.

Posted by Ian
Answered On 26th September 2023 3:44 pm