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Hi there. We've been using the plugin on for some time and it works really well. My client has noticed the Location Field in the search options are not working and seems to not generate results and even crash the site. For instance, if you type Keswick into that field as a test you will see it doesn't complete the search. Thanks, Neil
Posted by Neil Burnett
Asked on 18th June 2024 7:46 am

Hi Neil, the location search uses some fairly complicated math queries on the property data to work out the lng/lat centre point of the location entered and then work out the distance in miles from that centre point for each property and bring back a set of matches. If you have a large set of properties this can put a strain on the server and not all can handle this very well (sadly most WordPress hosts under-resource their servers so they can sell the hosting cheap!). In this case we suggest that you go into the WP Property Feed settings and in the search radius chose the option to not use radius search at all. This will then fall back to using a straight text match on the property address fields.

Posted by Ian
Answered On 18th June 2024 10:51 am