Hosting for WordPress Property Feed

We have noticed that many low-cost hosting providers are now disabling important parts of WordPress.  The most common of these is to disable WordPress cron, the process that manages schedules and also loopback which can also stop cron from working.  Since our plugin is totally reliant on the scheduling process to automatically pick up property feeds this has caused us some consternation!

Another is the script timeout length being too short which is particularly a problem with the Vebra API feed as it can take a long time to pull down all the properties.  Many low cost hosting companies set this really low and prevent overrides in code to allow for the time it takes to pull in on the property details.

Luckily we have been in the hosting business for over 15 years now so can offer managed hosting using the AWS (Amazon Web Services) infrastructure.  This means that for customers of WordPress Property Feed we can offer two hosting packages allowing us to guarantee that your property feed will work and will automatically update as intended. Don’t put up with cheap-and-nasty hosting – get a hosting package that can cope.

Shared Hosting

WordPress hosting on a shared AWS instance, 24 monitoring with daily backups.  We promise to never have more than 10 sites on one shared instance, so you won’t be contenting with 100’s of other sites!

Cost: £15+vat per month

Dedicated Hosting

WordPress hosting on your own dedicated superfast AWS instance, 24/7 monitoring with daily backups.  Absolutely no other sites on your server, its all yours!

Cost: £60+vat per month

The small print:  In the unlikely event of your site being the next Zoopla and draining the resources of the server we reserve the right to turn up the juice on your instance and charge you a little bit more.  We haven’t ever had to do this yet but we hope someday we do